Bible Classes & School Devotions

After School Bible Classes

ACM is committed to growing hope in the lives of children and young people. Hope is found only in knowing and following Jesus. Over 1800 children each week attend ACM after-school Bible classes in 18 different locations. In a place where the family structure has been devastated by HIV/AIDS and children are often left on their own, the ACM staff works tirelessly to make these classes a place of refuge. Small children learn that Jesus can be their true family. Teen classes focus on God’s love and acceptance, the challenges of discipleship and a Biblical approach to the pressures and questions of life.

What are classes?

The kids arrive early to sit in the shade and wait for their Bible teacher to be dropped off. Very few of these kids have parents encouraging them to come, many probably aren’t even aware that they do. Some cart along younger siblings, and it wouldn’t be strange to see a young child bringing a one or two year old sibling along with them, carrying them on their back or running ahead as the little ones waddle along behind. The teacher arrives and the students jump up, ready to sing and dance. They sing songs, recite memory verses, learn detailed Bible stories and pray together. They learn their lessons and memorize the books of the Bible because they know that in October, there will be a large rally where they can win prizes for showing what they’ve learned.

Children’s Classes

The classes are of all sizes, from ten kids to seventy kids, meeting in people’s yards and driveways, sitting on the grass or a straw mat, sometimes just on the cement. The classes range from being held in underprivileged rural areas or in nice townships with multiracial schools. The classes provide kids with somewhere to go after school when parents may not be around to watch them. They provide valuable lessons and meaningful relationships with teachers who love them; and they provide a foundation of hope in Jesus Christ that these kids can build a life on.

Teen Classes

The teen classes normally start late, run long and see a steady stream of people showing up, from the half hour before class starts to ten minutes before it ends. The teachers work on answering these kids’ tough questions, discussing difficult Biblical truths, and working through the pressures that these kids face: from drinking and drugs to relationships and education. The kids build close relationships with their teachers, learn to be open and build friendships with each other based on the Lord. The teens are anywhere from 13 to 25 years old, from any type of background and upbringing. They each have two teen leaders from within their class responsible for attendance and feedback. There are leadership workshops to grow the teen leaders, empowering them to be an example of Christ among their peers. The kids learn to pray, read their Bible and testify to the work of Christ in their lives.

School Devotions

Each morning, school children at four primary schools and one high school hear about the love of Jesus before they begin their school day. ACM teachers are privileged to lead a short devotional and worship time at the invitation of the school faculty. More than 2500 children are reached each week in morning devotions.

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Isaiah’s passing.

Dear Friends,
We have some very sad news to report.

We received word late Wednesday evening (7/19/17) that our dear friend Isaiah passed away suddenly. Apparently, he collapsed after dinner and they rushed him to the clinic, but he did not regain consciousness. We are keeping in constant contact with Mercy. The best thing we can do right now is to pray for Mercy, the kids, each other and the wide net of friends that Isaiah touched throughout a life well-lived.

We can also praise our amazing God, who can take a young, willing, one-eyed shepherd from Ingwavuma and create a wonderful life of impact and joy that spans continents and forever changes thousands of lives for the better.

In Him,
Bill Hazelton
President, ACM US Board