Our Hopes & Needs

As ACM continues to grow and change, our hopes and dreams get bigger. Below are just a few of our current hopes for ministry expansion.

After-School Bible Classes
Although we rejoice in the many ministry opportunities that God has given us – the heart of ACM is to reach young people with the love of Jesus and to win them to Him. We believe that reaching children is the primary ministry that God has given us. After-school Bible classes are our most important tool for communicating the gospel to children. We have had many requests to expand classes throughout Esikhawini and the surrounding townships and even into Zimbabwe.

ACM Soccer League
Soccer is very important to South African youth culture. We hope to develop an ACM soccer league for ACM students. Our ACM coaches will teach soccer skills, but will also point young athletes to the higher calling of competing for the cause of Christ. Regular ACM attendees would be encouraged to invite friends. We believe that this program will be transformative in the Esikhawini community. It will be another opportunity to attract young people who would not typically attend ACM or GEC activities.

Day Care
We have recently learned of a new opportunity to reach out to families who are struggling to care for their young children. The South African government has mandated that all churches have a daycare center (crèche). The development of a crèche at both GEC church sites represents a wonderful opportunity to care for young children and to lead them to Jesus as they grow.

The GEC church family recently joined together to successfully harvest and replant gum trees. ACM is also developing a community garden that has already sold some produce. The South African government mandates that commercial food purchasers preferentially buy produce from black farmers.


Grow Hope Project
We have continued need for farm supplies, fencing, and irrigation equipment to help create a garden that will generate food for the community along with extra income to help cover ministry expenses.

After-school Bible Class Sponsorship
As classes continue to grow, increased funding is needed to hire more teachers.

ACM Ministry Expenses
Increases in ministry expenses is inevitable. Continued giving towards increased costs, new staff and ministry supplies is always needed.

Two New Ministry Vehicles
Reliable transportation is vital to ministry success. Teachers and students must be transported daily to classes and schools. We currently have two ministry vehicles – one twenty-year old pick-up truck and a five-year-old pick-up that has been repaired from a previous accident. We hope to purchase a new 4×4 and a bus or minivan.

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Isaiah’s passing.

Dear Friends,
We have some very sad news to report.

We received word late Wednesday evening (7/19/17) that our dear friend Isaiah passed away suddenly. Apparently, he collapsed after dinner and they rushed him to the clinic, but he did not regain consciousness. We are keeping in constant contact with Mercy. The best thing we can do right now is to pray for Mercy, the kids, each other and the wide net of friends that Isaiah touched throughout a life well-lived.

We can also praise our amazing God, who can take a young, willing, one-eyed shepherd from Ingwavuma and create a wonderful life of impact and joy that spans continents and forever changes thousands of lives for the better.

In Him,
Bill Hazelton
President, ACM US Board