Africa Christian Ministries is constantly growing and changing, trying new projects as well as maintaining long standing ones. South Africa has a high percentage of unemployment across the country, discouraging the youth’s feeling of purpose in school and causing hardships on young and old alike. ACM specifically is working at being as self-sustainable as they can while trying to provide local employment. This has led to many different projects and activities with which ACM is involved.

The Garden

Using acreage behind the Gubethuka church plant, ACM started a large garden in the fall of 2011, planting numerous crops. The garden provides nutrition and food year round for the church community and surplus can be sold to sustain the garden and potentially other projects. In its infancy, the project is much work, but over time it could come to transform the way ACM operates financially while also providing income and employment in the community.


Majority of home building in the rural areas as well as in town is done through cement blocks, covered with plaster. It takes about 250 blocks to make a room, and the material to make the blocks is accessible and rather inexpensive. In the Spring of 2012, some ACM staff members began making their own blocks for a building project at the Gubethuka church plant. Many people have contacted them interested in buying blocks after this project is completed. This small project also has the potential to bring financial stability to ACM as well as providing local employment.

Sugarcane & Gum Trees

If you ever make the drive from the airport in Durban to the Mafu’s home in Esikhawini, there are two things you will see the entire way. Sugarcane fields stretch for miles and gum trees of all shapes and sizes are scattered across the landscape. The church is located on an expansive property and behind the main church building is a six acre plot of land on which we planted gum trees in 2011. Gum Trees are sold for the production of paper and can be harvested every five to seven years for a profit. The Mafu’s also have recently been donated a small plot of land by a successful farmer in the area of Empembeni. They hope to plant sugarcane in the land very soon and begin the process of growing and harvesting the popular crop.

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Isaiah’s passing.

Dear Friends,
We have some very sad news to report.

We received word late Wednesday evening (7/19/17) that our dear friend Isaiah passed away suddenly. Apparently, he collapsed after dinner and they rushed him to the clinic, but he did not regain consciousness. We are keeping in constant contact with Mercy. The best thing we can do right now is to pray for Mercy, the kids, each other and the wide net of friends that Isaiah touched throughout a life well-lived.

We can also praise our amazing God, who can take a young, willing, one-eyed shepherd from Ingwavuma and create a wonderful life of impact and joy that spans continents and forever changes thousands of lives for the better.

In Him,
Bill Hazelton
President, ACM US Board